As we approach the return to form of normality, we are excited to announce Secret Sessions will be returning to the white aisle in 2021. Despite our love of the energy and vibes of the selection of venues we hosted in the past couple of years we felt it was time to set a residency somewhere. So we will are hooking up with Bossa's newest venue El Patio, kicking off every Thursday afternoon until late. Giving us the opportunity to deliver a weekly party that will showcase our talent and allows us to show you the next level of production and experience. Of course, we’re keeping our signature secret, special guest headliners who will be dropping by to perform unique, one offsets each week over our 2021 summer to complete the futuristic rave experience - We hope to see you out there this summer but if you do happen to miss your favorite DJ, fear not as you can stay up to speed via our live stream on The Ibiza Bible. If you haven’t made it to a Secret Sessions party yet be sure to head over to our socials to see Micheal Bibi, Darius Syrossian, Josh Butler, Detlef, Rossi, and more to get a taste of what we’re all about.


Secret Sessions? Who are we? Born a few years ago, created by a group of DJs originally as a workers party we strive to deliver something unique for the people. Our family who has lived and worked in Ibiza over the past 10 years came together to dream up this rebellious party that originated in 2018. We are the team that became notorious for throwing events in sometimes risky and magic locations across the island from rooftops to villas then out to the waves on boats we’ve seen some unforgettable moments and believe us when we say there will be many more to come. We set out to go back to the roots of the island's original outdoor party scene and revive the vibe of the day into a night party. Over the past couple of years, we have been throwing events with 24-hour notice a pin drop sick location, and just vibes, however, we have had a fair share of obstacles along the way and we are pleased to now have a place we can call home for 2021. Utilizing our island knowledge to throw a series of truly original Ibiza party experience’s like no other. Expect a futuristic rave with lots of secrets to discover once on the inside. The future is waiting...

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